Recreative vacation in Brabant, The Netherlands

Log Cabins at the Klokkenweide


In Finnish / Scan­di­na­vian style the Klok­ken­weide has 6 small log houses (log cabins) with space for 6 persons and the new Family House opened in 2018 has space for 16 persons.

The smaller log cabins are fully equipped, wifi every­where, with 2 sepa­rate bedrooms with each fixed box spring beds, duvets and pillows as standard, bathroom with shower, sink and toilet, living room / kitchen with double door to beau­tiful covered outdoor veranda.

The large, unique Family House has a very pleasant living envi­ron­ment, enti­rely made of wood, and very well insu­lated, always warm in winter and cool in summer due to its natural archi­tec­ture.


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